The Sessions

The Sessions is up for Oscar nominations and that is so exciting.  The film did a fantastic job of addressing the problems that people with disabilities continues to experience, present day, in the areas of dating, sex, and romantic relationships.  I love how the film portrayed the lead character as a normal human being with a normal sex drive who just wants a date and who wants to have sex.  I especially loved how Helen Hunt confronted this problem head on and with full-frontal nudity.  Mixing their two naked bodies (normal and disabled) and showing the passion and love that they climaxed to was such a wonderful representation of the unnecessary divide between able bodied individuals and disabled individuals when it comes to romantic relationships and sex.  The movie did a fantastic job erradicting the most powerful stereotype out there and that is:  one cannot be sexy/have sex if one is physically disabled.  Yeah The Sessions!   Let’s kick that big, ignorant stereotype right off the big screen.