The Sessions

The Sessions is up for Oscar nominations and that is so exciting.  The film did a fantastic job of addressing the problems that people with disabilities continues to experience, present day, in the areas of dating, sex, and romantic relationships.  I love how the film portrayed the lead character as a normal human being with a normal sex drive who just wants a date and who wants to have sex.  I especially loved how Helen Hunt confronted this problem head on and with full-frontal nudity.  Mixing their two naked bodies (normal and disabled) and showing the passion and love that they climaxed to was such a wonderful representation of the unnecessary divide between able bodied individuals and disabled individuals when it comes to romantic relationships and sex.  The movie did a fantastic job erradicting the most powerful stereotype out there and that is:  one cannot be sexy/have sex if one is physically disabled.  Yeah The Sessions!   Let’s kick that big, ignorant stereotype right off the big screen.


Ms. Wheelchair New York- Psychologist

Recently, I have been chosen as Ms. Wheelchair New York and will represent the state of New York in the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant this July 2012.  I am excited to be chosen because it allows me to promote my platform that dating, relationships, and sexuality need to be introduced, normalized, and accepted by society.  These areas are difficult for the mainstream, but especially challenging for us.  So challenging and frustrating that some choose to disengage from romance all together.  I try to put myself out there but, in addition, I am also a psychologist specializing in these areas.  So, throughout this blog, I will share my dating scenarios and I would also like to hear yours and hopefully offer some helpful advice…..

Dating with a physical disability- How’s that going?

I’m a 34 year-old, single woman dating in Manhattan.  I’ve used a wheelchair since kindergarten.  Dating in Manhattan has been an experience which I can hardly wait to tell you all about so I created this blog with the hopes that we can really get into the nitty-gritty of our dating lives, or lack there of.   So, I will begin by sharing a recent experience… I just was told by an abled-bodied dude, after our third date and some mild making out, that he couldn’t handle my physical disability but wants to be friends and go out again because he thought I was “fun, sexy, smart, and funny.” Seriously, friends?!?  I guess I’m fun, sexy, smart, and funny but not enough to get past the fact that society taught him-it’s not cool to date a disabled girl.