Dr. Sheypuk is a Board Member of DisABILITYincites, a research group dedicated to uncover the unmet needs of people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities. DisABILITYincites provides this information to growth-opportunity seekers who develop new products, services and other disability-inclusion programs that empower people with disabilities to live out their aspirations and more fully participate in all areas of life.


Reelabilities Film Festival:


Dr. Sheypuk is also currently a member of the Film Selection Committee for the 2015 Reelabilities Film Festival.  “This is the largest festival in the country dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities” (Reelabilities website).


The Raw Beauty NYC Project (September 2014):


Both a Board Member and Model for The Raw Beauty NYC Project, Dr. Sheypuk was thrilled to be a part of this innovative visual arts project designed to inspire the public to create new perceptions, transform stereotypes and breakthrough personal obstacles by expanding awareness of women with physical challenges. This photography exhibit is a collaboration between photographers and twenty women living with various types of disabilities that showcases their beauty, empowerment and sensuality. The audience glimpses into the lives of these incredible women through photography and biography.